BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Golf Travel Cover

BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Golf Travel Cover
  • Holds 48″ Driver and Up to 10″ Cart Bag; Durable PVC Back; Extra-High and Skid-Resistant ABS Base
  • Lockable; Full Wrap Around Main Zipper;
  • Pivot-Grip® Handle Decreasing Arm and Wrist Strain;
  • Dual Lift Assist Handles; Durable and Padded Carry Handle;
  • Moulded ID Tag; Size: Height=54.6cm (21.5″). Width=39.4cm (15.5″);

The BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip is a strong and practical golf travel cover which will fit a 48″ driver and a cart bag up to 10″. It features a very durable PVC back with an extra-high and skid-resistant ABS base to offer your clubs maximum protection. The travel cover is lockable and has a full wrap around main zipper. There are dual lift assist handles as well as a durable and padded carry handle and a moulded ID tag. The ergonomic patented Pivot-Grip® handle makes for more comfortable carrying by reducing strain on wrists and arms when transporting the bag in the cover.

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