AMA Golf High Roller Edition Vegas Game Includes 14 Chips

AMA Golf High Roller Edition Vegas Game Includes 14 Chips
  • Golf Specific Poker Themed On Course Golf Game
  • This exciting game levels the palying field for all golfers, the game begins by goflers agreeing on
  • Includes 14 Casino style golf themed chips, suede pouch, and instructions. Golfers want to obtain th
  • High Roller Edition

Vegas Golf High Roller Edition Golf Game The ultimate on-the-course gambling game! Vegas Golf High Roller Edition Golf Game consists of real casino style chips. The object is to avoid the negative and obtain the positive chips. Vegas Golf High Roller Edition Golf Game feature: Positive Chips: 1 Putt Birdie [1 under par] Chip in [chip in from off green] Sandy [up and down from sandtrap in 2] Closest to the pin [closest to pin on par 3s] Negative Chips: Water [ball goes into water] 8 Ball [8 or more strokes on a hole] 3 Putt Sand [ball goes into sandtrap] Trees [ball hits a tree] Out of bounds [can include talking on cell phone] Lost Ball [5 minute limit] Unlucky Seven [exactly seven strokes] Wild Card [positive or negative, group determines purpose of chip before teeing off] HOW TO PLAY: Only one game is needed per foursome. The first player to hit a shot that corresponds with the designation on the chip is given that chip. The player keeps that chip until someone else hits the same shot. The chip is then passed to the next player who makes that same shot. Example play: if a player goes into the sand, they hold that chip until another player goes into the sand. They then pass the chip to that player. The same holds true for the positive chips. The last player to get a one putt or a birdie is the one who gets the chip. Now for the good part! At the beginning of the round, each chip is assigned a designated dollar value. At the end of the round, those players holding the negative chips pay each player the designated amount for each chip they are holding. Those holding the positive chip will receive the same amount from each of the other players. The payoff is determined by the last golfer holding the chip. The cash-in is at the 19th hole. #1 Selling Golf Game In The World!

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